Ideas to Decorate Your Home with Natural Flowers

Home flower & garden decor

Flowers are a decorative accessory that, although reminiscent of spring, can decorate the home at any time of the year. There is nothing better than some natural flowers to give color and a good fragrance to your home. If you are thinking of adding flowers to your home decor, don’t miss out on these ideas.

Ideas to decorate with flowers

The flowers can be placed in any room and corner of the house. To do so you can follow these ideas:

Artificial flowers

Bet on the traditional roses. A bouquet of roses, or even a single rose, is perfect in any corner of the house. It is important to choose a container that enhances the color of the flowers. For example, if the roses are red, a white vase is best.

Place a single flower in a narrow vase. The simple and minimalist style is also carried. You don’t need a flashy bouquet to enjoy the beauty of flowers. In addition, placing each flower in a vase, they will all gain prominence.

Choose an orchid for your workspace: this flower transmits calm and balance, which is ideal for work areas.

Place a flower arrangement to decorate the table during a special meal. If the table is very large, it is better to place more than one center instead of just one large one. Choose the flowers and the most suitable composition for the type of celebration. White flowers, for example, are elegant and also give a romantic look. It is important that the height of the flower arrangement does not prevent diners from seeing each other.

Place a few lavender bouquets in wide-mouthed vases and add a few stones to the bottom to help hold them. Put some flowers floating in the water, as if they were water lilies. To do this you have to cut the stem and fill a wide and low container with water. The bottom can be decorated with stones. The best ones for this purpose are large ones, such as gardenias, orchids, or peonies.

Follow the rule of three: in the living room it is convenient to have three green dots to attract attention: one on the coffee table and another two, matching, on an auxiliary furniture. Put the flowers in glasses. To make them look nice and not fall off, the stems will have to be cut and adapted to the height of the container.

Recycle mason jars to place the flowers. You can decorate them with ribbons or even with special paint for this material.

Add some flowers to the hall to welcome home. If you want to make the bouquet cheaper without losing volume, combine the flowers with green shoots. Eucalyptus, for example, keeps in good condition for several days and has a very pleasant aroma.

Creative flower decorations

Take advantage of what nature offers you: spend the day in the countryside and pick some flowers. Then put them in a recycled jar to give a country touch to the room.

When choosing the color of the flowers, it is advisable to combine their tone with that of the walls, furniture or textiles in the room. It is not necessary that they have the same color, but you can choose different intensities or combine it with other tones to create contrasts.

How to care for flowers

Before placing the flowers in a vase, it should be checked. The lower stem leaves and thorns must be removed, as well as the dry leaves and damaged petals. Also, it is convenient to cut the stem about two centimeters. If you add a preservative or sugar to the water, they will stay fresh longer. To make them more beautiful, the water should be changed every two days .

When placing them, avoid heat sources (such as fireplaces), corridors or rooms with a lot of current and windows that receive a lot of sun.