The Best Flowers to Give Your Mom on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is approaching, and you want to show your mother your appreciation with something she will truly treasure. But which flowers would best convey this sentiment?

Carnations make an excellent token of your affection, representing love, gratitude, and sympathy. For something even more fitting of this occasion, why not choose the white stargazer lily as it represents strength and character.


Flowers are an ever-popular and time-honored way to show our thanks on Mother’s Day, making the ideal present for mothers, grandmothers, sisters, friends and any other influential female figures in your life.

Peonies have long been regarded as an icon of love, beauty, and joy – qualities all mothers exemplify. Peonies come in vibrant pinks, whites, and red hues and make an eye-catching centerpiece in any bouquet!

Camellias are another flower that symbolically represent motherhood and appreciate, making it the ideal present for mothers who show generosity towards their families and are always thinking about what’s best. They make an ideal gesture as gifts or decorations.


Tulips make the ideal Mother’s Day bouquet to express our thanks and affection, symbolizing royalty, affection, purity and more. Each color represents something different; purple for royalty; pink for affection; and white as purity are among others.

Roses are a timeless classic flower for Moms that prefer more classic gifts, symbolizing romance, friendship, and appreciation when given in deep red hue.

Chrysanthemums make an elegant Mother’s Day bouquet and come in various hues to please every mother’s aesthetic taste. Their deep red petals symbolize strength, faith and humility – an appropriate tribute for mothers with strong personalities!


If your mother enjoys tending plants, then a camellia plant would make the ideal Mother’s Day present. It symbolizes longevity and appreciation – perfect to show her you appreciate everything she’s done for you.

Roses are an iconic Mother’s Day flower, and you can select one in different hues to represent different aspects of your love for her. Red signifies romance while pink ones signify admiration and gratitude.

Carnations are another classic symbol of love and appreciation. Red carnations express happiness while yellow ones can convey friendship. Carnations bloom easily, look great in bouquets, and pair beautifully with pink roses and tulips for vibrant floral arrangements.


Roses are an iconic Mother’s Day flower, symbolising love in all its forms and providing the perfect opportunity to show her your affection.

Dahlias are another stunning option that are sure to bring joy. These colorful blooms come in an assortment of shades that you can select to best reflect her personality – red dahlias can symbolize strength and courage while white ones represent innocence and purity.

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Carnations may not have “Mother’s Day” written all over them, but these delicate flowers remain an elegant choice for Mother’s Day bouquets. As members of the dianthus family, carnations come in various shades that add depth and dimension to any arrangement.

White dahlias make an elegant statement on Mother’s Day, symbolizing purity and thoughtfulness. Additionally, red and yellow dahlias spread joy – perfect for mothers who cherish every celebration of life!

Iris bouquets make the perfect Mother’s Day gifts because they symbolize admiration, loyalty and hope. Combine irises with lilies for an elegant and colorful arrangement for mom. With so many styles available today you are sure to find one to fit her personality and style!


Orchids make an exquisite addition to any bouquet or arrangement, symbolizing love, beauty, and strength – qualities which perfectly embody mothers. Their variety of colors make finding one suitable for your mom easy!

Liisianthus flowers carry great symbolic meaning. Boasting numerous geometrically-arranged florets, these blossoms symbolize dignity, dedication and affection.

Hydrangeas are beautiful plants with elegant and colorful blooms that make an impressive display, which make these flowers the perfect way to show your mom just how proud of her you are.